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Ladakh is a region in the Himalayas and part of the newly formed Union Territory of India. The region is not only unique for its terrain but has a raw beauty that might leave you flabbergasted. We can help plan your travel to Ladakh and explore this beautiful region. In this blog, you can see a few of our favourite places to stay in Ladakh.


Name: Grand Dragon Ladakh

The Grand Dragon Ladakh, one of the first luxury hotels in Ladakh. It is the first hotel with a host of state of the art amenities, such as electronic key cards for the rooms and a baggage scanner, as well as their own sewage treatment facility. The entire facility is wheelchair accessible, for providing differently able guests with a comfortable sojourn. The hotel is also centrally heated and solar-powered, not only ensuring warmth but also ensuring that all our services are eco-friendly. The attention to detail offered by the associates, coupled with the magnificent views, will guarantee you take back home sweet memories.

Where: Leh

Cost: INR 16,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast

The Grand Dragon Ladakh

Name: Ladakh Sarai Resort

A premier eco-resort nestled amidst a green ocean of barley fields and groves of willow that rustle in the wind, whispering well-kept secrets of a land that has witnessed a wealth of history in the making. At Ladakh Sarai, time follows its own sluggish pace, trotting along leisurely as opposed to the raging Indus River, above which it rests. Days here take the shape of a quiet visage in the charming little village of Saboo engulfed in rustic charms and striking views of the rugged landscape, a mere 7 km away from the heart of Leh city.

Wake up in the warm reverie of your mud-house at Sarai, step out and relish the awe-inspiring view of Stok Kangri, the highest peak in the Stok Range of the Himalayas. You can see the range standing tall, looming over the Stok Village like a protective parent with a clear blue sky as a backdrop.

Where: Saboo Village, 7 km from Leh

Cost: INR 13,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast

Ladakh Sarai Resort

Name: Hotel Kidar

Hotel Kidar is one of the oldest hotels in Leh town. It is situated at a one-minute walk from the main market. Though it is in the heart of the town yet it provides you with complete privacy and a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation. Greenery welcomes you with its freshness and cooling effect as you step inside the hotel. Enjoy the most beautiful and historic panorama view of the city while wining and dining. Hotel Kidar sets the standard for elegance in Ladakh. From the magnificently painted local and Ladakhi style dining hall including the modern dining hall, Hotel Kidar ensures that every stay is a memorable one and offers an unforgettable level of luxury and service.

Where: Leh

Cost: INR 4,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

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Hotel Kidar

Name: Yangphel Guest House

Yangphel Guest House with its traditional Ladakhi style architecture complemented by stunning views of the Stok mountain range of the Himalayas. The guest house is situated at a 10-minute walk from the main market. Accommodation at the guest house consists of 3 deluxe rooms, 3 super deluxe single rooms, and 1 suite, all the rooms are with attached bathrooms and all the rooms have a spectacular view of Shanti Stupa and the Stok Kangri Range.

Where: Leh

Cost: INR 2,500/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast

Yangpal Guest House


Name: Nubra Ecolodge

Nubra Ecolodge is a family-run ecotourism venture, located near Sumur sand dunes in Nubra Valley. The landscape facing the confluence of Shyok and Nubra rivers is the natural habitat for sea buckthorn, wildflowers, and desert wildlife. The 11-acre farm has been planted with poplar, willow, apricot, and apple trees, along with vegetable gardens. It commands a 360-degree view of the Karakoram Mountains, the sand dunes, and the Nubra River.

A large open deck facing the valley near the vegetable garden is used as a lounge or for dining in fair weather. It is the ideal location to go for long walks along the Sumur sand dunes and the Nubra River. We recommend a minimum of two days’ stay to enjoy the Nubra experience.

Where: Sumur, Nubra Valley

Cost: INR 11,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Nubra Ecolodge

Name: Hunder Resort

An innovative combination of traditional building techniques and contemporary design, set amidst in the picturesque Hunder Village and surrounded by the colourful Karakoram Mountain Range. Hunder Resort unveils a whole new appreciation of the soul-stirring enchantment of nature. It is a place where you can take time to reflect, and allow space, peace, and beautiful landscape to work their magic around you. The resort has been meticulously planned to integrate nature with the most contemporary amenities to bring you uniquely-different feelings during your stay. It is here that you can unwind and make every moment worthwhile in the midst of a natural rural setup, lush green surroundings, and the alluring sound of a water stream.

Where: Hunder, Nubra Valley

Cost: INR 5,500/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Hunder Resort

Name: Nubra Ethnic Camp

Nubra Ethnic Resort is a luxury tented camp at Nubra Valley offering a quiet and peaceful environment situated in the middle of the Hunder village. The tented accommodation is well appointed with all the modern facilities with private spacious bathrooms. Leaving behind the city pace, you can unwind yourself in the clean, fresh air and village life of Ladakh. Hunder sand dune is just 05 minutes drive and by walk 20 minutes.

Where: Hunder, Nubra Valley

Cost: INR 5,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Nubra Ethnic Camp

Name: Mystique Meadows Earth Homes

The property is situated in Hunder the home of the Majestic Diskit Monastery. The property has got 18 Swiss Cottage, 5 Mongolian Yurt Tents, and 4 Rooms all with attached bath (Running hot shower) and toilet, the only tented camp in Nubra Valley to have so. The kitchen has its own organic vegetable garden and serves Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian and Ladakhi cuisines.

Where: Hunder, Nubra Valley

Cost: INR 5,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Mystique Meadows Earth Homes


Name: Pangong Retreat Camp

A boutique retreat set facing the magnificent Pangong Lake in Spangmik Village, with stunning panoramic views of nature’s gifted scenery. The Retreat offers you comfortable accommodation providing you with basic amenities allowing you to enjoy a truly unique experience with nature – the golden grass, the sunsets, the mountains, and Pangong Lake.

Where: Spangmik, Tso Pangong

Cost: INR 10,500/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Pangong Retreat Camp

Name: Pangong Inn

The Pangong Inn is a luxury resort that is located within the vicinity of Pangong Lake Ladakh that is near about 120 kilometers away from Leh.

The Pangong Inn witnesses the innate beauty and nature’s splendour while overlooking the Pangong Lake, a saltwater lake. With sparkling water at feet and expansive blue sky overhead, stay at The Pangong Inn can be a heady dream that would like to go on for eternity. 

What makes this luxury inn even more striking is the fact that it is the first and the foremost hotel in that area. In order to maintain the sanctity of Mother Nature, only camps and tents have been used. While 9 rooms are already functional, another lap of 10 deluxe tents is about to be erected.

Where: Lukung, Tso Pangong

Cost: INR 6,500/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Pangong Inn

Name: Himalayan Wooden Cottages

Himalayan Wooden Cottages is situated at Spangmik Village at the brink of the Indo-China border. The Wooden Cottage consists of 10 Cottages. Besides many camps and homestays in the village, people prefer these cottages for its warmth, hygiene, and hospitality. Although it is not fancy enough to attract people it is being built with the most eco-friendly and affordable collection of materials available in the remotest village of Ladakh.

Where: Spangmik, Tso Pangong

Cost: INR 4,000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast 

Himalayan Wooden Cottage

Name: Royal Camp Pangong

The Camp is set amidst a quiet and peaceful environment in Spangmik Village at an altitude of 4200mtrs above the sea level and 150 km from Leh. The Camp offers 15 Deluxe Tents with extra comfortable beds and attached bathrooms of standard size. The tents easily sleep up to three with separate beds for each an extended back porch with a shower room (hot and cold water) and toilet. The tents have wall to wall carpet and comfortable beds. These tents combine the comforts to stay with the benefits of fresh air. All the tent suites are situated amongst unspoiled natural surroundings with a wonderful view of Pangong Lake with the snow-capped mountains as the backdrop.

Where: Spangmik, Tso Pangong

Cost: INR 4000/- for 2 adults with dinner & breakfast

To conclude, if you would like to customize and personalize a trip to Ladakh. We can tailor-make a plan using the above hotels or others. Do remember to also read The 5 Best Travel Routes to Ladakh & 10 Spectacular Lakes in Ladakh.

Royal Camp

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